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I'm tired of all this one-button, one-tap brainless arcades and made my game with non-standart control system. It turned out to be a bit hardcore in some places, but it's challenging at least.   As you can see in video, you're balancing the platform with slippery main character and helping him to avoid tons of traps and hazards. There are levels, endless mode, bosses, funny characters and nice music.

Mechanics Game Graphics

The 'Flappy-Bird-like' design almost made me to skip the game, i thought "okay, another clone", but i gave it a chance, thank god i did it. Because mechanics is actually so awesome, try to emphasize on it a bit harder.

2 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I feel i can play it longer if you can fix/add this stuuf:
- Graphic is too simple, try to improve background and planets a bit maybe
- Rework successful 'land' sound. Maybe get 4-5 similar sounds with different tonalities and play it if player lands from planet to planet very fast
- There has to be some sound for rocket boost (when you hold your finger)
- Rocket customization (skins)
- Video ad after first try is not that good
But gameplay core is very good and addictive.

2 years ago

Thank you very much for your feedback, it's really important to me.

2 years ago

3 weeks since release in Google Play, 2 days in App Store.
Thank you for such useful feedback, i'll definitely try your game and leave feedback!

2 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

Gameplay in theory looks very fun but there are problem for me in control system, that ruins all the experience.
Main charcater feels a bit uncontrollable, because in my case he always fly to the right, even when i just tap the screen. That was supposed to happen?
Graphics, effects and sounds are very nice and cute, liked it.

PS. I'm one man noob indie dev that finally released first game that i'm not ashamed to show :D Mind if I ask you a few questions via email? It's OK if not, i understand.

2 years ago

Tested it, now all seems fine and smooth!
If there was a hint about it in tutorial then maybe i'm just a bit dumb :D

2 years ago

What?! How can i check this??

2 years ago

Ahhh, nevermind, i believe you! Congrats!

2 years ago

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