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After selling his soul to the archdemon Abaddon, Faust must venture out through the harsh wilderness to track down the demon he made a bargain with and reclaim his soul. Over 25 levels and 4 bosses stand in his way...Controls:Arrow keys: Move, aim"A" key: Jump"S" key: Fire

Faceless Flame - Demo

Faceless FlameExplore a scarred kingdom as Gabriel the pyromancer. Discover the land's last vestiges of greatness, uncover its dark secrets, and leave a trail of ash in your wake...-Run, jump, and climb your way through a sometimes strange, sometimes twisted world.-Use your mastery of fire to take down those who stand in your way - man and monster alike.-Reap the souls of your foes and boost your own strength.ControlsA/D: Left/RightW: JumpLeft Mouse Button (hold): Charge FireballMouse Over: Reap SoulsDemo Features The current demo features the first area of the game: 8 levels and 1 boss to conquer.Thank you for playing! All comments + criticism is appreciated.

Game Graphics Physics

I really enjoyed the pixel art of the game (the environment and background was beautiful) but the core gameplay needs a lot of work.

The physics of the game are really floaty and sluggish. It feels hard to make any sort of forward progress at the speed the king goes, and the jumps feel really light on the upwards bound and really heavy on the downwards. Combined with your limited ability to clear gaps, the platforming aspect of the game isn't really fun to play. I would recommend tuning the physics so that the king moves faster and jumps higher, and changing the rest of your planned level design to accomdate that.

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