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Beach Siege

Shipwrecked on a remote island! Defend your ship from the bizarre island natives while you prepare to leave for home. 30 waves of unique enemies emerge from the forest to destroy your ship, you must select a faction of towers and use them to defend the ship.    Browse and unlock towers in the "Towers" menu where you can spend Mint earned during game play to level up towers or unlock entirely new factions.    In Solo mode, your tower level up as you defeat your enemies. Start on the easier difficulties and allow your towers to level up before attempting the harder difficulties. Master your skills, and chase the top of the global leader board for each difficulty.    In "Against" mode you go head to head with an online opponent and manage your resources while balancing offense and defense.    In "With" mode, you work with an online friend to fend off increasingly challenging enemies

Controls Animation

I think this would be much better if you could see not only when the ball rotates to face a new direction, but when it is actually rolling. Especially if there is some acceleration because it is really hard to see if you're actually moving.

3 years ago

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