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Pirate Pete's Quest for Epic Booty (Demo)

This is a small environmental demo for Pirate Pete's Quest for Epic Booty. You've ancored down on an island and you must make your way to town to find some answers, with a little platforming on the way.NOTE: This game is missing a lot of stuff, it's a prototype. I'm uploading it just for fun. I know there is basically no sound, no menu and bad graphics. Just enjoy what I have made.

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve

The idea to have a maze that is constantly changing is an awesome concept and I think if worked on could produce a really cool level, however I did get pretty annoying at parts because I'd be getting chased and doors would close on my and I'd die, there's no alternate path.

Difficulty is a little crazy, There are so many squares and some are hidden which is frustration to the point of not wanting to play.

Lastly, it's not listed in the lists for some dumb reason but your sound design needs rethinking. Not only is that song annoying af it totally takes me out of the game, I want to feel immersed and tense, in this spooky environment, but goofy music and constant cash register sounds dont let me.

Still, really neat game I love the level design!!

3 years ago

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