W,A,S,D = move
R = retry
Mouse = aim light

Darklight is a re-imagining of Unity's 'Survival Shooter' In this game, the player is stuck in a mysterious maze-like environment where the walls are constantly moving and paths are constantly changing. The aim of the game is to collect all the red squares in an effort to achieve 100% completion. 

You are forced to keep moving or else you will be overcome by the monsters that are chasing you! You also have no gun. Your only defense is to run and light the way with your torch. Collect the boxes as fast as you can and learn the map as it will throw you around!

Acheiving 100% is a win, but be careful. It is harder than you think. 

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Improving is our goal.

Yau Chong
Rupert Ottley


Glightgames 3 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Cool idea, we'll executed

Your environments are way too basic though, the red squares and red lights are too much as well.

Why not switch the squares out for cookies? Or glasses of milk, for that sleeping style.

Your walls and doors really need soke styling too.

Kwangduck 3 years ago

I liked it! lol see you in class

daxonica 3 years ago

Animation Game Graphics
yeah nah it's alright, too much red ay
Make those monster mofo bears look like they been hittin' up the devil's lettuce

Will 3 years ago

this sucks neck urself lmao

DTM-Productions 3 years ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
The idea to have a maze that is constantly changing is an awesome concept and I think if worked on could produce a really cool level, however I did get pretty annoying at parts because I'd be getting chased and doors would close on my and I'd die, there's no alternate path.

Difficulty is a little crazy, There are so many squares and some are hidden which is frustration to the point of not wanting to play.

Lastly, it's not listed in the lists for some dumb reason but your sound design needs rethinking. Not only is that song annoying af it totally takes me out of the game, I want to feel immersed and tense, in this spooky environment, but goofy music and constant cash register sounds dont let me.

Still, really neat game I love the level design!!

BinaryMonks 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design
The video of the game play had a much better sense of suspense then the game itself. The video did a good job of that, so it had some promise as a horror.

The main reason the game itself failed to raise the suspense was because it was drowned out by frustration. The torch did not work. Or if it did, and I needed to do something to activate it I could not figure it out. Without the torch, no chance of navigating a maze in the dark = frustrating.

Seems like you are doing this for a school project? If so, not a bad job. Fix the torch ( or add some control instructions). Off to a nice start.

Sid1998 3 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
good game I think that the developers have really worked hard.
Good Work Dev.

DyingSilence 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Nice animations, and i like the fact that the artstyle is consistent.

The name "Darklight" doesn't seem to refer anything in the game.
The music is good, and low quality bleep on item collection seems to be out of place compared to it.
There's no ingame explanation at all, which is bad, many people woudn't figure out that R is a restart.
The isometric view is great stilistically, but not showing the outlines of concealed enemies that are in the same corridor feels unfair.
Roast Em