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Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

*opens up game*

Oh hey, big screen. And right away, the game makes great use of it. The full parallax mapping for the town and outdoor areas, the full custom lighting for the indoor areas, the full custom battle sprites (which did lead to some goofy poses, I noticed)... It looks so professional.

So far my only real criticism is probably just due to complacency on my part. When I first entered combat, I saw an ATB system. I immediately thought of Yanfly's ATB plugin, something I'm using in a project of my own. *Cue enemies getting multiple turns on me as I just stood there browsing the combat menu, something Yanfly's ATB never allowed*. Immediately, I start spamming the attack command to keep up. I would suggest you either slow your enemies down slightly to give players time to browse their options, or put in a tutorial on that. Then again, I seem to be the only one so far to mention that, so you do you.

Either way, you clearly put a lot of work into this demo alone, so I would gladly invest in the full game when it's released.

1 year ago

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