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Lose The Cops [Escape from The City]

Download This GameGame Story_______________________________________________________________________________________A mega city in modern time. Busy always. A thief decided to rob a bank. As he thought, he just did it.Unfortunately, the city security was very good and tight at their work. In a very short time, the thief got surrounded by the police.The road was four sided open. The police forces attacking towards the thief. Thief is avoiding the police car collision._______________________________________________________________________________________Features_______________________________________________________________________________________1. Bike with cool dude biker thief.2. Beat the police cars by avoiding collision.3. One finger control.4. Challenging difficulty pattern.5. Cool city environment.

Mechanics Level Design

The game is really very addictive. We liked it very much. You can easily export this game for mobile platform.
Beside this we think the representation of his can be improved. Also you have to integrate the UI. Take these feedback as positive. Great work and keep it up... :)

11 months ago

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