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Tank - 2017

Remember the game Tank 1990 (AKA Battlecity published in 1985 on )? This is a modern remake of that with better graphics. it is available on Windows and Linux. you can find more here at my website.** This game is a two player local PVP game **Important notes:*Compatibility for Windows:- This game currently suports nVidia and AMD graphics cards only. so make sure to launch the game on those highperformance graphic cards.*Compatibility for Linux:- Work on all systems*depending on your graphics card, the game might take a while to load. be patient since it does not have a loading screen yet.Controls:Yellow Tank:- Hull Movement: W,A,S,D- Turret Movement: E,Q- Fire: F/Space- Smoke: CBlue Tank:- Hull Movement: I,J,K,L Alternative: 8,4,5,6- Turret Movement: U,O Alternative: 7,9- Fire: H  Alternative:0/Enter- Smoke: N  Alternative: .Other:- Navigate Menu: Arrow Keys  or W,A,S,D- Select menu item: Enter- Reset Game: G- Speed Up game: +- Slow down Game: -- Exit: Esc

Level Design Controls

I recommend making it be a subtle move rather than too sharp. it looks hilarious keep up the good work!

2 months ago

Love the concept and graphics, well done! This reminds me of the game echochrome

2 months ago

Where Shadows Slumber