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Beyond the Void [PC]

Hi everyone, Beyond the Void is a free to play available in early access on steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/700570/Beyond_the_Void/). The release is planned for Q4 2018 so the game is still under development. The whole team is waiting for your opinion about the game and how it could be improved! Basically, Beyond the Void is a cross-genre between MOBA and RTS. It's a unique combination of strategy, action and competition in 1 versus 1. You experience of the thrill of being a captain of a mothership in a Sci-Fi universe. In order to destroy the enemy motherplanet and win the game, you have to be both skilled with your spaceship and handy in manageing your ressources and your fleet. Join our discord server to discuss and find players!

Mechanics Level Design

Hi Warpzone,

Here are my thoughts about your game:

1 - Mechanics and controls: pretty solid. You've catched what are the quintessence and fundamentals of a space shooter.

2 - Sound design: soudtrack is cool but sound fx need more work (they are really basic).

3 - Functionality / Features: No special comments. I like the Babysitter mode. This is a good idea. :)

4 - Level Design is poor. The level 1 is annoying. Actually, there is no real pacing, no storytelling (I do not talk about narrative), no real flow... For me, there's no way you can hook a player more than 10 minutes without working hard on this point. A game with such easy to learn (but hard to master) mechanics, has the need of a great level design. With a great level design you have all you need to make a great game.


2 years ago

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