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Phantasy Star... 20 Years Past

Somewhere, far in the depths of space shine a bright star. And the light of it is so beautiful, that life itself is attracted toward it. And life is glad of such an attraction, unaware of what mystery is hiding by warmth of the star. Solar system Algol exist for many thousands of years. Inhabitants of its planets had conquered the space, science and magic developed hand-in-hand. But every thousand years unknown evil is trying to destroy this order. Most terrible event became the destruction of planet Palma. Many was able to survive, but for unknown reasons before flight space ships that were prepared beforehand started to explode one-by-one. That event marked the beginning of Algol's world evil's awakening. Tragedy had set back the development and culture by hundreds of years. History fallen into the void. Technologies was forgotten. And evil took advantage of that. But the triumph didn't last for long. Chosen heroes weakened and sealed Darkness, returning with that peace to the Algol system. But for how long will it last...

Legend of the Mysterummy

The game takes place on the fantastic planet Aezzz populated by humans, elves and many different mystical creatures. The whole planet is a big single country and in its history were no wars, because all people signed the pact of friendship. The game story is focused on a strange thing named Mysterummy, which is passed to Trenz, the main protagonist of this game, from his parents.

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design

It was fun! The idea of the game is interesting and funny! The game looks nice.
I scored 2285 points. It was a snap.

Above and below, in my opinion, the non-game space outside the house is superfluous, it would be better to display the house of our hero larger. It was not always clear to me which objects block the path after restoration and which do not. And also it is not always clear in the appearance of the subject whether it is passable or not.

The game is small, overall I liked it, good luck in development.

7 months ago

Thank you so much for the feedback!
I am concerned about the font problem. I tried to fix it, and updated the game today. I hope everything is okay now?

7 months ago

Thank you for your feedback! This is bad news for me.
Have you played the version with the installer too?

6 months ago

Thank you, I also hope that everything will work well.

6 months ago

Thank you for the feedback!

6 months ago

Thanks for your feedback! I hadn't expected any feedback for a long time.
I am very glad that you appreciated the dialogues so highly! And it's great that you liked the music, which I like too!

You can escape from the battle, but only after the battle has begun.I apologize!... Yes, it looks like I should have made the puzzle in the castle more logical. There you need to click on all the buttons, and then on all the statues in the center of the rooms.

As I understand it, you saw history from only one side. Maybe if you want to keep playing you will change your mind.

Anyway, I'm glad to receive the first comment!

3 months ago
Level Design Story/Writing/Dialogue

I played your game too!

It is similar to our fan game:

But there is a difference. I don't like it when the sequel tries to turn the story around, when the enemy turns out to be the hero and the hero turns out to be the enemy. This slightly destroys bright memories from the past. I played FF6. Of course, I liked this game, and I liked Kefka too, he is very charismatic. But he is crazy, he is a villain, not a god. In our fan game, there is also a cult of the former villain Zio, and the fanatics live in tents underground. And we can play as one of them. But this is a negative character.

A few more notes:

I like it
- Talking and fighting with a cat in the house was funny and unexpected, I would like to take her to the team
- Drone mechanics and separate health treatment for it
- The game encourages communication with NPCs and exploration, I found a lot of different equipment

I did not like
- The introduction is very long. I waited 20 minutes before I was allowed to save.
- They eat chocobo meat, but they are so cute T_T
- Waiting 5 minutes is a bad idea. I am glad that I was able to surf the Internet at that time, and the time in the game window did not stop, and the author provided sound. But it was boring anyway.

It was nice to remember the music and graphics from the old FF6. Hero portraits are also good. But the charset graphics for father and son are the same, and that's bad!

Now a little about bugs.

- The map in the upper left corner is buggy. When loading the game from save, it greatly increased in size.
- When I changed the name for the drone, it did not change
- I went down-down from the settlement and went to the location where the scene was at the beginning. The game hung.

2 months ago

Thanks for the quick response! I'm glad to help you!
And it's good that the story is not what I first thought!

1 Hmmmm... OK

2 OK

3. Maybe it will help. But I would probably just reduce the walking time and dialogues. Not everyone wants to skip the intro, because that's important to the story.

Maybe it just isn't worth giving the player the option to change the drone name. You don't do this for other playable characters.

4. Realism does not always benefit the colorful and interesting game.

2 months ago

Dont worry. Maybe you can do it yourself by repainting and combining sprites from FF6. But I really appreciate that you are really listening to my feedback. Perhaps I will continue to play your game too!

2 months ago

Finally I found time to play the new version. Great, the Ceaser looks great - it looks a lot like a portrait.
You're also great, how fun you solved the problem with waiting!
But I found a bug. Now when I leave town the game freezes. I cant move.

2 months ago

Yes, I checked, now everything is fine!

2 months ago

Wow! Thanks for the feedback and also thanks for playing my game!

Yes ... the music looks a little ill-considered at the beginning. You gave up playing some kind of puzzle, right? >_

5 hours ago

Olaf the Boozer

Legend of the Mysterummy