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Xeno Invaders

!!!WARNING!!!THIS GAME CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT ONLY FOR PLAYERS 18+!!!WARNING!!!Arrow Keys to move Z to shoot   Best played in fullscreen mode. Click the blue button in the bottom right corner.   Blast those alien scum! They're trying to invade your planet of Quintonia. Let them know you're not going down without a fight. Be sure to get regular upgrades in the shop to increase your survivability. After every boss the shop girl gets more and more turned on by your alien destroying abilities. Beat the game for a sexy scene better than our fuck demo!   Music:: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aim to Head   CO.AG   No Copyright Music Channel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Some Sound Effects:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Warning! I haven't tested this web version yet. If it lags, has audio issues, or seems like it's glitched, try the free downloadable version (and donate at least a dollar) ((come on man, I got kids to feed)) (((ok, not really, but like a dollar's not even that much. Show some love baby!))).   Download::   If you liked playing, enjoyed the hard work I put into this game, or want the downloadable version, consider donating a dollar on! I really want to make these games full time. Aaaaaannnndddd if you've been following my progress, I feel like each game is getting more polished and more fun. Supporting me will help increase the quality of more games that I want to release in the future! *squidwardscreamingfuture.gif   Let me know if there's any bugs or leave CONSTRUCTIVE comments about how things could be better. Or just comment to tell me how much you liked playing!   I'm also looking for people to work with, so if you're an artist, sound designer, programmer, have good ideas, or whatever, message me and maybe we can make cool games together.

FPS TRAINING: Ultimate Edition

OrfeasWorldGames Studio Are Returning To Their Old Roots, With The FPS Training Ultimate Edition! Train Yourself Into The Battlefield, Show Your Skils, Show Your Improvements, Show Your Moves! ___What Is FPS Training?___ Are You A New First Person Shooter Player? Well, No Problem! That's Why We Made FPS TRAINING!  ___What Does The Ultimate Edition Includes?___ FPS TRAINING Ultimate Edition Inlcudes: -Brand NEW Maps -New Weapon Animations -New Animations -More Targets -Fixed Mechanics -Main Menu -InGame Pause Menu -OLD Maps (bundle) -FIXED Graphics -Weekly Bonus Maps -More Maps AND MUCH MORE! ___What Happens If I Can't Afford For It?___ We Already Made Previous FPS Training Versions! The Standard One Which Includes A Wonderful Map That Most People Liked, And The Phosphorize Edition Which Inlcudes A Phosphorize Map, That's Why We Named It Phosphorize Edition. You Can Get Them, They Are Free! ___What Happens If I Purchase It?___ Well, You Will Get ALL The Old Maps In One Only Folder, Weekly Updates, New Maps Every Week And Much More! ___I Want To Know The Controls___ Controls Movement: - Mouse to look around- WASD keys to walk- W + Left Shift to run- Space Bar to jump Weapon: - Left click to shoot- Hold right click to aim - R key to reload - Press T key to inspect weapon- Press E key to holster, and E again to take out Melee: - F key to use knife attack 1- Q key to use knife attack 2 Grenade: - Press G to throw a grenade OH! And..Don't Forget With The  Numbers 1,2,3 You Can Switch To Slow Motion & Adjust The Frame Rates! ___Before I Purchase The Game, I Need To Know The System Requirements___ NO PROBLEM! Here You Go: ________MINIMUM________ •OS: WINDOWS 7/8/10 •PROCESSOR : INTEL CORE i3 8100 •GRAPHICS CARD: GeForce GT710 2GB - Radeon RX 550 2GB •RAM: 4GB RAM •DirectX: VERSION 11 •STORAGE: AT LEAST 1GB STORAGE SPACE ________RECOMMENDED________ •OS: WINDOWS 7/8/10 •PROCESSOR: INTEL CORE i5-6500 •GRAPHICS CARD: GeForce GTX 1050 3GB-R9 280X 3GB •RAM: 6GB RAM • DirectX: VERSION 11   _____SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR MAC_____ •PROCCESOR: INTEL (64-bit)  CORE I5-6500 OR BETTER (it might run on intel core duo but with not a good experience) •RAM: 2GB RAM OR MORE •STORAGE: AT LEAST 1GB AVAILABLE SPACE •DISPLAY: ANY   _____SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR LINUX_____ 3 GHz Dual PROCESSOR  4 GB RAM GTX 1050 2GB/ RADEON RX  550 2GB 1090 x 1080 RESOLUTION (or any) AT LEAST 1GB STORAGE SPACE   ..So? What Do You Say? Wanna Be AN EXPERT FPS PLAYER?