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The Voidness - Lidar Survival Horror Game

Scan the environment to see. Try and escape The Voidness, but you are not alone... The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological horror game where it takes place in the void filled with just gloom and darkness, with your only ability to see is by scanning the map with your range finder device. Roam freely, scan, mark, explore and try unravel the story - however you are not alone. Something is also lurking with you in the void.TRIGGER WARNING: This game may be disturbing to some audience as it contains flashing lights, fear, blood and also some jumpscares. Play at your own risk.The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological survival horror game where it takes place inside the void where it's filled with just gloom - the only way to see is by scanning the environment with your range finder device, however you are not alone. Don't breath as they are listening.. and watching. You take the role of a space specialist named Francesca Lee, sent to study the mysterious void on a newly founded planet filled with just gloom and darkness. Things however, are not what they seem to be. Navigate your way by scanning the environment equipped with your range scanning device, upgrade, scan and mind your footsteps as every step you take can be deadly inside the void. Use scanning turrets to guide you in the environments, find upgrades, mark landmarks and more. Trend carefully as stepping on debris will make them hear you, same as if you are within their line of sight or if you make any noise. Something is lurking in The Voidness alongside you .. and the only way to see it, is by scanning.The enemies can also hear when you are in hiding spots, from your microphone. Make sure to not breath heavily while hiding or else they will notice you and take you with them into unknown. This feature is only available while in hiding and this feature is only optional.Experience the story, both inside the voidness and what happened to your crewmates.

Green Territory

This is a small game about conquering wild irradiated territories and turning it into pure green nature. Mine resources, build structures, expand and purify the world!   NOTE: this is an early prototype of the core gameplay. The purpose of this prototype is to test if the core idea of conquering territory is fun to toy with even with no obstacles or goals. For this reason expect the following:   No obstacles No goals No fancy graphics (even camera perspective will be different in the final version) No juice, no polish There is no even a title screen! Some bugs Thanks to the latest feedback the following points were improved:   Buildings are now tied to hotkeys. Domes: 1, Towers: 2, Radars: 3, Storages: 4 Building mode now doesn’t reset after each click, so you can keep building the same structure Camera panning now works with WASD/Arrows keys. Funny thing it was already implemented in code, but for whatever reason the panning speed was set to zero. *facepalm* If the prototype proves that players have some interest in the idea even with all the limitations above, the game will be met with further development.   Controls Camera Zoom - mouse wheel Camera Pan - WASD, arrow keys, middle mouse button Build/Select - left mouse button Cancel/Deselect - right mouse button, ESC Build a dome - 1 Build a tower - 2 Build a radar - 3 Build a storage - 4 Fullscreen is recommended!   Feedback This game idea desperately needs your feedback! Please don't hesitate on leaving a comment, tell me what you liked about it, what you disliked about it, whether you had fun, and what prevented you from having fun. Every little bit helps!   If this game idea gathers enough feedback and improvements, it will be developed into a full game. You can make this happen!