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Jumpaï : The Social Platformer

Jumpaï is a platformer where you get to create levels and share them online to play with others. By igniting community rather than a telling story, we aim to be a vessel of expression coming from both level creation and player customization. Level creation is made extra easy, so that anyone can create the level they imagined. As the community grows, players are free to play from a constantly growing source of tricky puzzles, hard platforming challenges, funny trolls or relaxing adventures.DownloadFEATURES Over 30 Fun and Unique ItemsWith over 30 items that interact with each other in different ways, you will never run out of ideas when it comes to level creation. An example is the iconic frisbee can be picked up and thrown by the player to be jumped on or used to trigger switches that can turn off conveyors and electric barriers. Another example would be the fan which can be used both to help the player get higher with their umbrella or as a deadly trap to push away from the stage any player wearing a bubble. Fully-Integrated Level EditorTransform your idea into a playable level from a level editor packed with content creation tools. The editor can be used to create your own levels or open up any other level. Race modeCompete in real-time with your friends to see who can finish the level first! You can invite your friends to race against you. In this game mode, you will all start the level at the same time! Level browsing & StarsBrowse the top rated levels easily from anywhere in the game! The best levels naturally come up to the top as players leave stars to the levels they like. The game distinguishes between finished and unfinished creations, preventing the annoyance of playing an unfinished level without knowing it! BiomesSelect your biome as you create your level, using a brush to paint biomes however you want and make cool transitions. Biomes not only change the background, but also the decorations used in the level, giving access to a wider range of items allowing for unique styles. Controller SupportAll controls are bindable, including ones for the editor! Leaderboards & StatsTry to increase your score by getting top positions on leaderboards of popular levels! Player CustomizationGive a unique look to your character to create your own in-game identity! ReplaysWatch the world record replays to see how they finish so fast! Any replays can be watched from the leaderboard and you can even export them to make a video if you want to show your skills!

Kid-E-Cats Sea Adventure

Meow-meow-meow! Kid-E-Cats invite you on an exciting sea adventure! Do you want to go and search for ancient treasures? Lots of challenges await you on your way! Are you ready? Let's set off! Fantastic journey with the cats on a big ship is waiting for you! Grandpa Cat found a real map, which shows where a treasure chest is hidden. But the way to the treasure won't be easy, first of all you'll have to get to the island. On the way you will deal with real icebergs, strong wind and even a storm ... But the real sailors never give up, so neither shall we! Cookie, Candy and Pudding have prepared interesting mini-games for real travelers! - "Underwater treasure": dive under the water and find all the gold coins on the bottom of the ocean! - "Diving": find all the fish! Be very attentive, they can hide anywhere! - "Seashells collector": collect the most beautiful seashells with Candy! - "Whale's photo": take pictures of the whale before he swims away! - "Sea Shower": the whale has got dirty, wash the sea-mud off him! - "Save the dinner": keep the birds away, they shouldn't eat the kittens' dinner! - "Sea fishing": catch as many fish as possible! The cats are getting really close! You only need to find the island now and run to grab the treasure! So the treasure from the chest is... Oh no, you will have to find it out yourself! Well, let's get going, ship casts off now! Contact us: Stay tuned: Our website: