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Pet Russian : The game

This game was made for a comment on a youtube video... This is a game that is highly inspired by the game Hello Neighbor by TinyBuild but even more inspired by this comment(scroll down to "Make this into a horror game i would definitely play it"). Also, this is just a short 5-10 minute game to complete. STORY : You play as a curious hiker who found himself in the middle of a forest with suspicious looking houses, just like the story of Hello Neighbor, you immediately get the instinct to find out what's wrong. You noticed that you aren't alone there, there seems to be a man in a black suit carrying an AK-47 in his hands. He doesn't seem to behaving normally, so you try to throw AK magazines that was lying on the ground and he seems to be following it, which gives you the chance to investigate the houses. The story isn't really complete yet, and it doesn't really make sense from this point. MORE DESCRIPTION : Find out what secrets lies in the houses in the middle of a forest, collect items scattered around the environment and use them to unlock certain passages such as locked doors, barricaded doors, put out a flame, and more. Sneak trough the wild Russian to investigate, hide under tables, inside closets, and throw magazines to distract him. The environment isn't the prettiest to look at, i know. But at least i get to play around with AI for this game, and like, LOTS of AI coding... Agh! Finally done with this game. Now i can go back to work on KARLHOT which is going to be a crossover fan game about the games KARLSON and SUPERHOT. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS : Follow these steps if you don't know how to unzip a .zip file Download the file Double click it to open it Create a folder in you documents named "Pet Russian game" or somethin Select all the contents inside the .zip file Open the game folder and drag the .zip contents into the folder Launch PetRussianGame.exe GameJolt gamepage

Age of The Returners

This is a standalone sequel to FF6 which I am developing. It takes place 100 hundred years after Kefka's downfall. The followers of Kefka now live in tents in a wasteland near what used to be Vector and its ruins. The Kefkites live in complete poverty waiting the return of their god; Kefka, holding on to the belief that one day he will return and restore them. The story follows Augustus and his son Ceaser who set out on a journey to infiltrate the Magitek Facility which they believe holds the secret to reviving magic and their subsequent redemption.   The Returners now dominate Gaia, who have grown corrupt through overindulgence and hubris, stand opposed to Augustus and his aims. Their ability to dominate Gaia has only expanded as their growth in technology has expanded by leaps and bounds through the discovery of minerals in Narshe. The revival of magic threatens their way of life and also their very existence as the memory of the destruction of the world is still fresh in their mind. One thing is certain, as Augustus departs his austere camp the world of Gaia will never be the same when the world of balance once again is shaken.   The battle system will be based off of Esper collection.  Each Esper will only be used by a certain character allowing that character to build a certain trait much like the original; except, not everyone can equip a certain Esper.  At a point in the game you will have to hunt down Espers and kill them in the right order.  Each Esper will give you a certain advantage over other Espers similiar to Mega Man games.   There will be four worlds:  World or Order, World of Ruin, World of the Espers, and the Moon.   Game features:  An all new cast of character plus old characters also return. Join the hunt for Espers. Gameplay is based on scavenging and conserving as much as possible. Travel to the moon. Gameplay is difficult and sometimes unforgiving. Multiparty tactical battles.   If any of you support my work please support me on