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Hunt 'n Sneak

The multiplayer demo is here, download now!   Gather your friends and prepare to scream! Whether you are hunting or sneaking, you will soon be sitting desperately on the edge of your seat, in this manic game of hide and seek.   Sneak through the caves, and scream in the mansion, as you either escape the clutches of the ravenous Hunter or chase down those pesky Hiders.   As the Hider you will soon realize light is both friend and foe. While it reveals your location, helping you navigate the mysterious worlds of Hunt ‘n Sneak, it will also reveal you to everyone else! So you’d better use it wisely!   When playing as the Hunter, you will be feared by all your friends, nothing is more terrifying than a giant space lobster hunting you down! But be mindful of the time, or soon you’ll be the one running for your life!   So what are you waiting for, grab some friends and let the laughter commence!   A quick note on development: Welcome to the first public demo of Hunt ‘n Sneak, and thank you for checking us out!   If you enjoy the game and would like to support us, we invite you to join our Discord server ( We are building a community so that we can openly discuss suggestions for the game; whether that means new ideas, reporting bugs, or to just talk about games in general.   We have recently released the multiplayer beta! If you have enjoyed the game we would like it if you would post some feedback about the game, you can find a feedback form on our website homepage at the bottom (   Regards, Pixel Engineers Team


Follow the adventures of our not-so-heroic band of misfits in their travels around the world as they get themselves into (and out of) various kinds of mischievous and sometimes idiotic adventures!Their first great adventure places our friends scattered all over the place and most have not yet met each other. Our "hero" finds himself being pushed toward helping out his town, since everyone else has run away or is hiding. With nothing more than pure dumb luck at his side, he decides to accept the quest and heads out into the world !This is a complete mini-adventure containing about 2 hours worth of game play and comes to a conclusion after fighting the "final boss" at the end. You can rush to the end and get there sooner, but will likely find the fight difficult if not around level 8+ by the time you get there.The adventure contains a single home town, forest and two interconnected caves. Each new map you visit introduces some new monsters, each being a bit tougher than the one's prior.The forest and first cave maps each have 15 chests hidden within them giving you all kinds of free loot! The second cave contains a small puzzle to solve and then finally the "final boss". You can find a Vendor and Inn within the town where you can buy supplies and rest any time needed. Status of game: I worked on this game for 3 years as a solo project with some help with art/music/sounds. Credits to those involved are given in game. I released this February 2017 and it had some minor success (over 1000 downloads) with pretty much no marketing and seemed to receive a pretty good response from those that did play it.Due to work/life though, I wasn't able to continue onto additional chapters as fast as I wanted (although I have done about 1/2 of chapter 2 in that time). I am mostly curious if anyone here feels it would be worth continuing with the work at this point. As always, any feedback, good or bad, is welcome.GameJolt:

F.P.S - Frootz per Second

F.P.S - Frootz per Second A "Hardcore FPS Clicker Game" full of kittens and sugary cereal! Ludum Dare #41 A “Hardcore FPS Clicker Game” full of kittens and sugary cereal! This was a game made for the game jam "Ludum Dare #41" themed "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres". Our take on the theme was to make a clicker game (about kittens and cereal) with FPS shooter mechanics in it. You have to click to obtain Frootz. The more you click, the more FPS (frootz per second) you get, which corresponds to the FPS (frames per second) of the FPS (first person shooter) game the kittens are playing. Gameplay footage: ** DOWNLOAD:** via Ludum Dare #41 Link: ** DOWNLOAD:** via Link: What do you guys think of our game :D? _________________ Reviews "Casually Hardcore" - My mom"A lifetime experience" - Cat Lady"Is over 9.000!" - Copyrighted Character_________________Game Developers  Gabriel Medeiros ("Cyber Twilight") [Game Design & Playtester] Ian Albuquerque [Game Design & Programming] Lucas Lima [Game Design, 3D ART & Sound Design] Matheus L. Homsi [Game Design & 2D ART] Special thanks to:RPG - Rio PUC Games(a academic group for studying and making games @ Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)