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Car Driving Mania : highway Prado adventure

Drivers! Are you ready to take up the absolute driving challenge of high racing cars? We present a new car game for you. It’s time to gear up of an ultimate racing adventure which will test your driving skills. Overcome the roads with fast paced stunts and barrel through the highway. Take down the traffic and perform the dynamic stunts.   This car game will challenge the most skilled driving fans of racing globe. Race the high performance cars and burn up the streets with limit breaking speed. Car Driving Mania is a milestone in the generation of advanced racing.   This driving game gives you a golden chance to become a one of the fastest driver across the world. Endless driving is redefined in the shape of car driving mania. Play this game and feel the thrill of light fastening speed on limitless tracks.   How to Play: * Touch the acceleration button to speed up the car. * Touch the brake button to stop the fast moving car. * Touch the left and right button to change the direction.   Game Features: * Highly optimized for all type of devices. * Smooth and realistic controls: tilt and steering. * Addictive gameplay with 3D vivid graphics. * Multiple race tracks are available. * Tons of exciting levels for crazy players. * Free car game for boys, kids and girls. * Free to play without internet connection.   Get this car game and become a one of the fastest driver around the is the link

Forgotten Memories-Secrets of the Past

Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. I put over 1015+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 6-7 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some feedback. Map is 87x85 squares big (The finished map will be 500x500 or even 2x(500x500).  Quests 85(currently) Party member 1 (Currently. More members will be added in future as I work) Interactive spells (Casting spells require to be pressed in a sequence in set amount of time to work with 100% chance of it hitting) Day/Night cycle (Unlike most of RPGMaker games, day/night here determinate if you can enter a house freely or have to pick a lock (during the night. Some events and quests  will trigger at night and quest givers/quest objective will only spawn at night (e.g.: Kill 10 owls (not an actual quest in game but for sake of reference)).  Statuses: Hunger, Thirst and Sleep (If Hunger and thirst hits 0 your character dies. As sleep goes down, so do your stats but it's not fatal) Prison System (If there are friendly NPC's around the player and he chose to steal from them, he goes to prison with two options; A) Wait (~30seconds or 2 in game days) or B) Pay  World Locations 24(170+ inside locations (including houses)) Blackjack mini-game (for those who like to gamble and have fun on the side) 1000+ Interact-ables (bookshelf's, drawers, closets, boxes, etc) Lockpicking 700+ items, weapons and gear combined Crafting and Breaking  Alchemy Cooking Bestiary Achievements  Mouse/K-board- You can now chose how you want to play  Lots of events that make's you chose what to do which will shape your game experience and ending Fog of War - Rooms with doors are dark until you enter it. They go back to dark when you leave the room.  Room with no doors are normal (windows let the light in) Different Endings - There will be two different endings depending on players choices  Purchasable houses - From 6.7 you will be able to buy plots and make stuff in them and edit to your taste

The Fixies Cinema

"The Fixies" cartoon series are waiting for you in this app!Explore the world of tiny kind creatures that live in our houses and fix devices around us!We invite you to the cinema park, where with a subscription you can watch cartoons wherever you want: at home, at countryside, at friends!Every episode is entertaining and educational - you will explore the world and will learn how the devices work!ENJOYAll series of "The Fixies" cartoon, hours of exploration and education! Switch languages and watch cartoon in Russian, English, German, Spanish and Chinese! Explore how home devices work in every episode!PLAYGames with "The Fixies"! If you are done with watching episodes, play games and have fun with amazing characters!MANAGEPlaylists! Collect your favorite series in one place and watch them anytime!Download the app - it is so comfortable to watch episodes in one place and in any order! Entertainment for kids and peace for parents - you don't need now to search for episodes all through the Internet!Even the youngest will be able to use the app - it is easy to understand and handle.Let's explore the world with The Fixies!Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, and the free trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription at the end of the trial period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the period. Your account will be charged for the applicable subscription fee within 24 hours of the end of the previous subscription period or trial period. After this time, your subscription will automatically renew until auto-renew is turned off, and it must always be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid the next charge for a new period.You may turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes settings.Privacy Policy available here: us: support@devgameou.comStay tuned: website: