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Tower Of Corruption - Idle Clicker Game

======[!!Welcome!!]=============================The Year Is 1800.. Life.. Is Abit Short.. Some Random Guy Just Blow Up.. And A Random Guy Invented Gravity.. Anyhow.. The Story is About A Guy Who's Always Been Compared to His Siblings, Moreover Everyone Hate Him.. That Change When Sebastian(Main Character) Met A Random Guy Who've Given Him A Power.. Feared Of Witched The Town'speople Overthrow Sebastian And Exiled Him..  Sebastian Now Broken Hearted Ventured Off.. And Met the Same Guy Who've Given Him the Power.. The Guy Felt Terrible For Sebastian, So He Given Sebastian A Place to Live And Tasked him to Build the Tallest Tower, Sebastian Filled  with Anger Will/Soon Built his Armor Of Evil that Will Help him Overthrow Those Who Oppose Him And Dominate The World.. -STORY MIGHT CHANGE :)==============================Alot of Things Hasn't Been Implemented Yet.. And Moreover.. I Haven't Made the Save And Load Button And the Stat Button, So Please Be Patient.. As Im the Only One Working And Developing.. This Game Took So Many Days to Make.. And Considering I Have to Do This in A Game jam.. Its Very Tiring.. I Also Have to Rework Some Ui And Resources.. I Haven't Found Any Artist Nor A Composer Yet.. So Music And Arts Might be Delayed..  ======================= ======================= If You Have Any Suggestion Or Found A Bug.. Please Let me Know Below Or Email Me ThroughEMAIL 1: EMAIL 2: =======================Quick Tutorial:We Both Now What Play Button Is Right?No? Geez.. Its the First Button On The MainmenuAfter You've Click the Play Button, You Will Be Greeted.. With..Alot of Things.. Don't Get Overwhelm.. First Click the First Room,Ya Know.. The Thing Where there is 2 Minions(The Dude with Red Robes)After That.. Your Greeted With.. Red.. Juicy BIG RED BUTTON!!!Click It.. After that.. Congrats you Just Earned 1 Dolla XDNext Click the Up And Down Button, At Your Left(Depending On What Orientation Your Phone is..).. You Will See A Mine Area, Or If Up.. You'll See A Construction.. Click it And You'll Be Greeted By An Prompt, I Know That You Know That We Know that You Know How to Read(Ya Get That :>),  So.. Read The Whole Thing Or.. Just How Many Money Or Berry You Need(Important Since the Game will Reject If You Don't Have Any Money Or Fruit..) That Should Do it, I Won't Tell You more, Wheres The Fun if I Tell You Everything.. Figure it Out Yourself.. Your A BIG BOY/GIRL.. i believe In You <3If You Want to Test Things And Need Money then Try PressingShift + F12 for 1000000000000G.. See Ya!!! Tags:#MyFirstGameJam