WWII Operations: Desert Front


W.W.II Operations: Desert Front is a World War 2 first-person shooter that takes place during the Western Desert Campaign (1940-1943)

- American Campaign: You will play as soldiers from the 9th Infantry Division of the U.S Army, sent to Rabat during Operation Torch, 1942. Your mission is to liberate the country from Vichy French occupation, fight alongside with your platoon and help them get through the toughest of situations. These characters include:

- Sergeant James Andrew Hawkins, 21 years old, 1st Platoon 2nd-in-command, Baker Squad.

- Private Jim Becker, 20 years old, Baker Squad.

- Sergeant Joe Ryder, 25 years old, 1st Platoon Leader, Able Squad.

Start from the shores of Morocco to Vichy-occupied villages and Special Operations Afrika Korps bases, experience the Invasion of Rabat like never before!

June 6th, 2021.

Update 1.9 is out, and it might possibly be the last update for Desert Front, but don't say goodbye just yet, I said possibly!

Originally it was going to be 2.0, but we saved that for later, hehe. But for now, let's see what this new update brings us:

New Voice Actor for Sgt. Joseph Ryder, a YouTuber named ContraWolf (A few of Noah Deibler's lines are still kept for another character, Cpl. Deibler :D)

Updated the main menu, credits, cutscenes, mission objectives screen, weapon HUD and textures.

The compass now shows whoever is near you, though it would not differ between friend and foe, you will have to figure who they are by yourself  :0

Vichy Frenchies now pose a bigger threat than just 1 level, they'll be alongside the Germans in the main missions (History Fact: The Germans and Italians did not arrive before the Allies took over Morocco, which made the battlefield comprised of only Vichy French troops, the game is not entirely accurate to ensure an entertaining experience)

The game has no planned update at the moment, but you could check out its sequel, Lions on The Desert Front.


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This game looks so bad it reminds me of old CoDs or MoHs... wait thats actually positive...

Warlines 1 week ago

Hehe, thanks
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