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If only they listened to Rena. If only the world wasn't against her. Then maybe things wouldn't have turned out the way they did.


PakistaniGammer 1 week ago

Game Graphics
Hi there, sorry for the delay getting back to you, haven't checked this in a while.
Thanks for playing my game anyway! I didn't wan't to have too much tutorial in the game because I feel too many games do that and don't just let you figure it out. I guess the graphics need some work because that is a common complaint. The option to watch an ad was meant for people who want to continue their high score, you can always just end game and press play again instead.
I do need to explain better what the objective of the game is. The main objective is to collect as many spare parts (yellow cogs) and deliver them to the rocket. You get 10 points for every part delivered and a bonus for delivering at least one part. I have been thinking how to make this better, will probably change in the next update (if there is one).
There game is procedurally generated so there aren't really levels, it was meant to be more like a high score arcade game. Anyway thanks again for checking out my game, i know its shite but it did take a long time to make so at least someone has played it.
I'll download your game now and let you know how i get on
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