Totally Wipedout


A totally fun, addictive low poly obstacle course, with ragdoll physics.   Totally Wipedout is the world’s Best 3D android obstacle course game.   Totally Wipedout is the #1 action adventure game show with 3D graphics and funny arcade physics. Find your way through as you negotiate your way through hillarious obstacles in this unique sports game, but be careful, you have to make it all the way to the end, if you fall off, you start again.   Totally Wipedout offers a series of challenging obstacles for you to navigate and complete, even when you fail you will do so hilariously thanks to ragdoll physics.   Run, climb, jump, slide, bounce, roll and crawl your way to victory.   This game will have you rage quitting and returning over and over again.   Game Features: - Colourful low poly 3D graphics - a single difficult 10 stage course (more to follow) - Customisable Male and Female Contestants - 50+ obstacle elements.   Inspired by game shows like Ninja Warrior, Total Wipeout and Tekishis Castle and Epic's Fortinte - Obbys.

Added some 4th of july props and save functions for things like, volume, props, name etc all save and load each time correctly.

Looking at adding google play store highscores so you can measure yourself against the world.


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