Run, jump, and teleport your way through a mysterious landscape where nothing is as it seems. Meet all the creatures of the land and learn their story. Help change the world and its future.

You play as Timo, a curious boy, who wakes from a strange dream with some bizarre instructions. He will be given three objects that hold great importance. And maybe find what he have lost in the past.


Ruins is a retro adventure game, as they were made 20 years ago. The game features many different mechanics, such as teleporting, controlling different machines with different controls, shooting, speedrunning challenges, environmental puzzles and more.


Ruins rewards exploration and is a semi open world game, with over 60 NPCs for you to meet and learn from. Each has their own information that can help you along your journey.  The game does not hold your hand and is made for players that miss that from the games back in the day.

Controller is recommended.


PakistaniGammer 1 week ago

That's a good running game because you have to swipe right, left, swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide

MangoSoftHouse 1 day ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Extremely long loading at startup without any loading indication made me think the game froze at first. Load times are too long in general, especially for a pixel art game. It's kind of confusing that there's two different main menus separated by a loading screen. I also get extremely poor performance with an integrated GPU. The game froze for a couple of seconds when I was talking with "Abel", almost thought it crashed at first.

The default controls are very confusing for keyboard as they don't match the inputs displayed on the screen. The POV switch/dpad/stick on my controller was unmapped so I couldn't use it by default. Pressing the controls menu and exiting it seemed to get the main menu stuck until I pressed the "A" button again.

The sound clips played during dialogue with some characters, like the one at the big tent north from the starting position, can get irritating if you go through the dialogue quickly. Perhaps just having one looped talking sound instead of playing a new clip every time you advance the dialogue might be better. The collision box on that big tent doesn't match its graphics as well.

Jumping feels a bit unresponsive, I think it's because of the slow windup. Sometimes when I start talking it ends up skipping forward so I miss the first dialogue box. Using the same button for jumping and interacting doesn't feel right and sometimes I end up jumping instead of interacting. The game feels a bit directionless when you first start, I think some kind of introduction to ease you into the world would help.

The pixel art looks pretty good but I think the smooth gradients clash with the pixel art style, especially for the dialogue box. Using dithered gradients usually looks better in my opinion. The animations are decent as well. The music is fine but is nothing too memorable. The writing feels a bit flat to me and doesn't invoke much interest in the world and its characters, which is extremely important for adventure games.
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