Raven Rampage


Duck-Hunt style, arcade game. Try to achieve a high score whilst in a race against the clock.

Downloadable here: https://rossb327.itch.io/raven-rampage


tipson_gaming 6 months ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
I got my score past 200 on easy. Was able to play for quite awhile on hard even. To me it seems well made. I like the menus, background, and the bird flying anims.

As stated on reddit I, for some reason, hate the cursor not being a cross-hair.

I also had an issue where I would miss on purpose but score would not decrement. Then when I clicked in a different window, such as chrome, the screen would pause and when I clicked back in the screen, the score would start to shoot down like I missed a bunch. It seemed as though it was catching up on its decrementing needs? I can upload an example to youtube and link if desired. Really pretty stuff though!
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