Net-Runnerr-(Hacking and park-our Game)


W,A,S,D movement , space bar to jump , mouse for camera look  Camera look is used for hacking Glitches(Floating Cubes) in the world and parkour Controls to change filters in the virtual world, Player can play in different point of view  Z,X,C,V   

Game's Lore

Take's Place in a Cyberpunk World, you are in a Brain-Interface of a Hacker who makes money by Glitches found in the system , there are three types of Security flaw's  in the game, some give you more/less money but Time matters, before servers are fixed..... Can you take over the world ? 

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Game Download Link (Windows Build)

Game File is More Than 1 GB

updated version of the game

*fixing texture look

*optimizing player movement

Synthwave Retrolad


an updated version of the game

*fixing texture look

*optimizing player movement


sinisterporpoise 1 year ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I don't know if it's my screen or just the resoluation selected for the video, but it looks a little grainy. I love cyberpunk in general though. This isn't a criticism but one thing you might want to be aware of. Netrunner is trademarked by Wizards of the Coast, and is no longer licensed to Fantasy Flight Games. WotC may come after you because of this. I don't know.
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