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Kolor-Blockz! is a unique Action-Adventure indie game inspired by 90s and 00s Arcades.

In this game, your goal is beating the 4 Rounds of a weird (and blocky?) tournament and their Champions, in order to become the Ultimate Champion and fullfill your destiny against a Greater Demonic Menace! On the way, you will make some unusual friends and some really dangerous foes, as your actions and the way you spent the points you collect (aka your sweat) can affect your journey effectively.


KOLOR-BLOCKZ! is LIVE on Kickstarter!

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Kolor-Blockz! by Efstathios Tsasakos — Kickstarter

But what, trully, makes KOLOR-BLOCKZ! unique?

Current Features:

  • It is designed to create the feeling of the actual communication with the game's strange world. The characters appear to know your actual name, as they're supposed to be able to see you through your Computer's screen!
  • You interact with the universe of Reality 02, via controlling a yellow-and-blue colored block, which is in fact the representation of your existence in Kolor-Blockz!'s virtual world.
  • Everything matters, the way you spend your Collected Blue Crystals (aka Your Sweat) and the choices you make!
  • Thrillin' and Chillin' Stages to survive through.
  • Make Some Unusual friends and Dangerous Enemies, on your journey to become the legendary Ultimate Champion!
  • Original Art and Soundtrack giving a whole new aesthetic to the extraordinary world you are about to explore!

Planned Features:

  • Plenty of new characters to meet and more complex worlds to explore!
  • The BlockMods : New Forms for your block with unique playstyles making your gameplay more thrilling and exciting! (Seriously, you can reflect your foes' attacks back on them)
  • Bigger and more fun stages in the next Rounds. (Literally, You might have to make your way through a scary maze with a ghostly knight being after you and attacking from nowhere, without warning 0-0).


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