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Life's a game, until the game isn't fun anymore.

Dear Player,

Many years ago in a rather large patch of woods, a small family and some help built a house. It was known as Riser Manor, and it's builders were Thomas and Kathrine Riser. They had a son, Me, only shortly after it's completion.

When I was just ten, my mother passed away. The physicians said it was food poisoning... But was it really food poisoning, or poisoned food?.. My thoughts run wild with things like that. I've always wondered, and have had my suspicions. But like any young boy, I didn't understand... I remember those days hazily, it all sort of blends together... However, It grew even worse over the next few years, when the tragic pattern of house Riser established itself...

You could read the whole story here but it's not finished because you have yet to enter it... As you read this, I am headed back to this old childhood home of mine in search of answers.

I will be expecting you..
~Jirou Riser

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