Welcome to a new chapter, welcome to The Next-Generation.

The Immersive and Humorous Sci-Fi shooter is back!

_WELCOME TO 2048_  In the year 2048, humanity finds itself ensnared in the merciless grip of an oppressive regime, orchestrated by the sinister genius of Mr. Johnathan, a cold-hearted psychopath whose vision of control knows no bounds. His army of advanced drones and robots, meticulously engineered to obey his every command, now reign supreme over a world once teeming with life and freedom. Through their relentless efficiency and unyielding obedience, Mr. Johnathan's creations have subdued humanity, relegating it to a mere shadow of its former self. As the years stretch on, hope flickers dimly in the hearts of the oppressed, whispering of a resistance yet to be born, daring to dream of a future where freedom triumphs over tyranny once more.  Mr.Johnathan has hired a whole army of Soldiers  to fight within the Drones against anyone who fights back from Johnathan's revolution. No one has ever managed to fight back but you. You're the only hope of stopping this tyranny. 

EX-DRONES is in the early stages and we need your help to find any misfunctions! With that being said, we ourselves got into another play-testing and we encountered the following bugs/issues:

-Dog Meat The Invincible movement issues.

-Dog Meat's Health bar is not properly working and it's often hid behind objects.

-HORDE MODE++'s timer is not properly working.

-After you die in HORDE MODE++ the cursor doesn't show up or either work.

-HORDE MODE++ Win scene is false.

-After you die in EX-DRONES: CHAOS, a black screen occurs.

With that being said, we recommend you NOT to play HORDE MODE++ and EX-DRONES:CHAOS YET! We assure you that we will be working on a hotfix and patch it as soon as possible! We are planning on releasing a patch

on April 27th.  Thank you for your patience.


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