Welcome to Dread.

Dread is an immersive, at times frenetic and frightening horror experience. You will be faced not only with true horror but panic as well, causing vulnerability...

Surprises are what you will experiment with, the lack of information about what is in your surroundings and... well, I'll let you experience it by yourself :)

Enjoy the game!


Bug fixes


Phillips 3 months ago

If somebody wants to donate me:

It will be really appreciated for the next project!

JoeJoeh 3 months ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Good game, but...
I feel it could have been great if you had worked on it even more, like adding level transitions or even adding lore because the game is very simple and generic, the animations and models are from the internet and after you complete the game, there is no motivation to keep playing.

But you did an amazing job on the gameplay and how smooth it is, simple, but good. Also, AI is above average, it does feel robotic but it's really unpredictable in a good way, which honestly made me shit my pants xD. The mechanics like hiding in a locker make you more immersed in the game and I found not so many bugs, just the ragdolls are a little buggy. Also, the music is AMAZING and the game has variety between rooms, I like that gameplays change a little bit between them but the appearance is still petty generic.

I feel this game needs just more content and work on it, it feels you rushed the ending pretty fast, and sometimes it doesn't make sense the spawns of the enemy because you complete a task and then you go to the next room, and there he is again, is kind of strange.

Overall, I will give this game a 7/10 but definitely is one of the best games on this site, adding interesting mechanics like a first and third-person which is kinda weird but I like it, but lacking content and work, being a really short game.
Good job pal! Thanks for the experience :)

Phillips 3 months ago

Thanks for the review mate, really appreciate it.

Ayush_Dutt1 3 months ago

Good work man....


Phillips 2 months ago

Thank you man, I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more projects to come in the future :)

MayWheather 2 months ago

Level Design
Damnnnnnn I want moooooooooorreeeee!
not but seriously, you ended the game in the best part, if you could add 2 more challenges as a DLC, I would play it.
One of themost underated games here, probably one of the most complete ones, but that ending... nah.

Phillips 2 months ago

Thanks for your suggestions! The game is already complete, but stays tuned for future projects :)
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