This is DeathMatch Update #2

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DeathMatch||Multiplayer Game


DeathMatch||Multiplayer Game


DeathMatch||Multiplayer Game

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DeathMatch||Multiplayer Game

Online Game

DeathMatch||Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer Games

This is the multiplayer game by GamingZone (A company by ahmad bin tahir)

In this game you can make servers and play the game with your friends you can talk while playing you can text while playing and this is the best multiplayer shooter game like cs:go there are some bugs in this game you just have to notice the bug and send the message here we will fix the bug and give a new update .

This game is best :

              You can play with friends in Room Match or join Another rooms.

The best multiplayer game to play with friends

                          Please Donate ! To help us .If you donate we will get a huge help and we will make new update of this project.

                                       What's New in update?

Some bugs have been fixed

added kill streak and kill streak notifier

added a 3dminimap

added a ucompass

                if  u dont like this update you can download previous update here:-

these previous update will be saved and the link wont change but....when an complete update will come the previous update will be deleted

Developed by unity



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