Death Invasion: City Survival


What a strike by deadly zombies in this death invasion: city survival game...!! Start your journey on the dead route, fight for zombie town survival and get your name in the list of top invasion survivals. Mission game is going to present one of the best death games to amaze and keep its gamers busy in surviving the city from the alien zombie till death. It will be your first endless zombie village survival.

It’s a shocking call for invasion armor to survive by fight with death trigger. As an FPS City survival you have to go back to the death fort for invasion survival. Death zombies from all sides at the death fort but you have to keep your dead trigger on to the aliens for survival. As you will fight the invasion, you will become the zombie killing game hero in the fort. It will be very adventurous for you to fight with the mission of death invasion in the scary lights by zombies.

An unbeatable zombie shooting guns’ collection is available for zombie city survival. You may unlock all the Heavy Guns by just completing the adventurous mission to get reward in the form of coins or by just watching the video ad at the spot. Choice is yours that how smart you are? Just keep in mind in this death invasion that your competition is with the zombie invasion squad only, just focus on your target and jump into the 3D world of alien zombies.

Key Features of Death Invasion: City Survival Game:

- Death invasion from the Deadly Zombies
- Invasion survival by the Death Armor
- Make it death fort for critical zombies
- One of the Best zombie Town survival Games
- Challenging missions to revers back to zombies from Invasion
- Extraordinary guns collection for Death Survival
- Rewards on Missions completion to unlock guns
- Low memory offline game for all type of Gamers

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