Cybertracers is a web local multiplayer game for 8+ players at one computer. Its close to snake or tron style game. With new mechanics "Unstable Portals". Game supports playing on the keyboard and gamepads. Enjoy it in the form of a progressive web application PWA that can be installed on your computer directly from the web.  


P0 - up, down, left, right, portal: del, addr: end, mines: home, hammer: ins, pause: esc
P1 - w, s, a, d, portal: z,y, address: x mines: e, hammer: q, pause: esc
P2 - i, k, j, l, portal: n, address: m , mines: o, hammer: u, pause: esc
P3 - 8, 5, 4, 6, portal: 1, address: 0, mines: 9, hammer: 7, pause: esc

Xbox gamepads (one,360)
move - dpad or left stick, portal: A, address: X, mines: B, hammer: Y, pause: options button

Generic gamepad (not Xinput compatible) - custom mapper

Move options
- overdrive acceleration (costs 1 energy point) - second press of the direction key in the direction of travel
- overdrive acceleration (for free) - when you are clo se to another wall / line
- brake - press the direction key against the current direction

Challenge your friend in a mad duel. :)
Enjoy on url    

- integration of music player with music from
- storm efect
- some optimalization
- new feature - overdrive (10s speed boost)
- new energy points for overdrive (3 have player from default)
- new fast update mechanizm

new mechanics
- shortcut sound
- emp
- new zones

- UNITY app (for Windows, XBox and PlayStation)


vladyslu 8 months ago

Hey. I played both of your games. My favorite is Uprk. I love how simple and fun it is. Also, I would suggest you add some tutorials, and more interactive objects because It took me time to figure out what to do in Cybertracers. I still enjoyed playing it though. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, I had a lot of fun playing your games, and I am looking forward to playing more of them in the future. If you make an page, I will subscribe to you and will be notified about your future games.

devbobcz 8 months ago

Hi vladyslu, of course :) My itch profile is here
Stay tuned, i now make music for cybertracers, and i planned native version of it. (for PC,XBOX, and steam). And i have ideas of new game with ufo.
I will folow you too. Thanx Bob

devbobcz 8 months ago

And thanx a lot for your video and time. I go to see it :)

devbobcz 8 months ago

In cybertracers is tutorial on esc button :) There are some mechanics, you can used... :) Best is with friends .), Sorry for bad optimalization of game :D

vladyslu 8 months ago

I played it with my friend. You could see that someone controlled the yellow player. My friend likes the game and will share it with other friends. Any game may have optimization problems. You should not worry about them much. It is playable enough to me.
Roast Em