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Summon Strike

Summon Strike is a web-enabled PvP Turn Based Strategy Game.  Play Now!All feedback is greatly appreciated!  We want to improve whatever we can to deliver an exciting TBS game.

Maze Trace

https://mazetrace.com is a fun twist on the Maze genre.  Play now on any device!

UI Graphics

This game definitely has that SNES feel! The colors and main characters look great and fit the SNES feeling. However, I don't like the font....I would like to see something more fun that just a basic white font.

7 years ago

Hi, what browser are you using? Also, thank you very much for the feedback!

7 years ago

Hi, Summon Strike is coming back. We got so much great feedback we took it offline and are making awesome improvements.

Please check back soon!

7 years ago

its online! http://summonstrike.com

7 years ago

This is amazing feedback. Thank you kindly. I've removed the timer levels for now. I think you are right in that they change the feel of the game.

5 years ago

Hi, can you change the title image for MazeTrace to this one? https://i.imgur.com/jhEG2Yo.png

thank you!

5 years ago

Maze Trace