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Pagan Hope

Pagan Hope is a PC/Windows hybrid rpg between roguelike and hack-n-slash gameplay types. It can be played straight-through as most of the maps are connected with constant paths, but there are also maps where the feeling of randomizing will be present.Please find out more here. The plot A great wizard summons a portal that connects the humans` realm with the unknown realm of Ja`han. A fierce demon, ruler over Ja`han that came through the portal, takes the sorcerer`s body and starts a quest to conquer the humans` souls. A young sorcerer is sent to retrieve some magical tablets that can block the portal.How to play:WASD - move, ULDR - attack (can be switched in settings)

Controls Level Design

Simple game but I spent few minutes on it jumping :)) Clearly is catchy. I would make levels more "appealing" so you don't get bored of same repetitive run.

6 months ago

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