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UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Felt pretty good overall. Suggestions:
- It's off-putting to greet a new player with setting a password, let them see something of the game first then challenge them once they have been enticed to want to conduct certain actions.
- Please sign your app. OS X Sierra and above are so fussy now with Gatekeeper and it's such a barrier to getting started. I know, it costs $100.
- Not bad music but the horn parts are strangely modern (20th C)
- Can you find an actual voice actor who isn't just reading lines? It's so jarring! and it's not clearly audible over the music (use "ducking")
- I expected to be able to click buildings not just their banners
- Order of operations for mechanics not clear to a newbie. If options like "send" a spy are unavailable, it should be really clear that e.g. it's because I haven't hired one -- the only context info shown were the action points and coins, which were apparently OK...
- The green tutorial arrows were hidden out of view from the default screen. I was immediately lost.
- Other visited towns looked identical and I couldn't tell where I was.
- Graphics are WAY too large on my Mac, regardless of resolution settings on startup. I need to zoom out to get perspective!
- I had no idea where to start finding Sir Nigel, although I appreciated audio tips like that if they could be followed up with a pop-out tutorial button that guides my view and actions for a while.
- Trivial thing: don't say "25.00%" on front screen when the decimal places are not relevant. Just say "25%".
Otherwise, the general layout, design, and game concept is appealing and worth pursuing. I liked it and would play again.

6 years ago

1) I just noticed that my problem clicking buildings was that it's sometimes not clear which buildings the labels are referring to, e.g. the Guild and the lower Watch Tower. I was clicking on a house icon thinking that was the Guild.
2) The music really is very well made -- just that one track that sounds like a 60s/70s comic hero TV show theme :) ... but also it's not so good to keep changing the music when the gameplay isn't changing. Would be great if you can make the themes run longer or loopable and only change when actions or situations are different.

6 years ago