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Wyrms & Wizards

Wyrms & Wizards is a pixel-art laden, quick to play shoot 'em up for Android, and coming soon to Amazon Devices and iOS. Sling Spells and fireballs as you blast your way through a seemingly-endless dungeon facing waves of new and classic monsters using powerful arcane Spells that change the way you play! Collect treasures as you clear each room of the dungeon to trade them for health potions, stat upgrades, and new Spell scrolls with the strange and enigmatic Shop-Goblin. Challenge your own personal daily and high scores, and see how deep the dungeon goes!

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics

That's pretty neat. Once you get a feel for the jumping mechanic it is very playable.

My only complaint is the purple "background" blocks in the second area are very similar to the foreground blocks in the third area at first glance. They are also pretty similar in highlights to the standard grey brick, so that area is not as visually pleasant/distinguishable as the first area.

Obviously there's only so much you can do with the limited palette, and it certainly doesn't break the game.

But yeah it is fun!

2 weeks ago

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