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Vertical Factory

Vertical Factory is a game inspired by games like, Factorio, Production line and Rimworld.At this moment its let you create a production line with resource dispensers.It has 7 unlockable sections and more thant 40 recipes.Final items are kinda RPG items, Sword, Shield, Axe, Bow.

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

The voice on the trailer its quite monotonous, would sound better, if some parts has bigger emphasis.
You said it combine the fast paced action of side-scrolling, but, with the images of the trailer it's seems kinda slow.
The web page looks good but instead of having and static front image, why not adding a carousel?
Good luck.

3 years ago

Starting from the minute 1:00 those scenes i think are the cinematics, they feel kinda slow, probably can be accelerated with faster particles

3 years ago

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