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A comedy visual novel about taking care of an egg. Made in Ren'py.Contains minor RPG elements.Warning: mentions of suicide, dark humor, curse words.

Level Design Game Graphics

I like the level design. It's unique. The game's graphics are simple, but effective. I like the concept of this game.

10 months ago
Game Graphics Game Graphics

I like this game very much. It's extremely easy to play. The only thing I had to do was stare at the screen and imagine the gameplay. It's a whole other experience.
I both like and dislike the game's graphics. On one hand, there is a single, static image of a car, a racing field and a huge gray ball. On the other hand, this exact thing made the gameplay more memorable. A game where you can only gaze upon, forcing you to move the car and avoid the obstacles with your mind. Who needs a keyboard or mouse anyway? I even won this game by going to bed and dreaming the ending cutscene and credits.
A true materpiece. 100000000/10

10 months ago

Hello. I'm a musician and composer. Do you need help with soundtracks for your game?

10 months ago

I have a perfect game for roasting right here:

10 months ago

This game is very hard to play because the meteors move too fast. Otherwise is decent.

10 months ago

You play this game with the mouse. You can click on the dialogue box to advance the dialogue and when a choice appears you select a choice by clicking it. There is a section in the game where you have to name a character and there you have to use the keyboard. On the main menu, there is a "Help" option that shows all of the game's controls. Sorry for not making it clear in the game.

9 months ago

Sure. What kind of soundtracks do you want(ambient, horror, rock, dubstep etc.)? Can you tell me what is the overall atmosphere of the game?

9 months ago

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