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A comedy visual novel about taking care of an egg. Made in Ren'py.Contains minor RPG elements.Warning: mentions of suicide, dark humor, curse words.

Level Design Game Graphics

I like the level design. It's unique. The game's graphics are simple, but effective. I like the concept of this game.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Game Graphics

I like this game very much. It's extremely easy to play. The only thing I had to do was stare at the screen and imagine the gameplay. It's a whole other experience.
I both like and dislike the game's graphics. On one hand, there is a single, static image of a car, a racing field and a huge gray ball. On the other hand, this exact thing made the gameplay more memorable. A game where you can only gaze upon, forcing you to move the car and avoid the obstacles with your mind. Who needs a keyboard or mouse anyway? I even won this game by going to bed and dreaming the ending cutscene and credits.
A true materpiece. 100000000/10

1 month ago

Hello. I'm a musician and composer. Do you need help with soundtracks for your game?

1 month ago

I have a perfect game for roasting right here:

1 month ago

This game is very hard to play because the meteors move too fast. Otherwise is decent.

1 month ago

You play this game with the mouse. You can click on the dialogue box to advance the dialogue and when a choice appears you select a choice by clicking it. There is a section in the game where you have to name a character and there you have to use the keyboard. On the main menu, there is a "Help" option that shows all of the game's controls. Sorry for not making it clear in the game.

2 weeks ago

Sure. What kind of soundtracks do you want(ambient, horror, rock, dubstep etc.)? Can you tell me what is the overall atmosphere of the game?

2 weeks ago

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