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Zmath is a fun twist on the classic Snake game we all know and love. Solve the math equation to find the right answer and watch your snake grow longer and longer... Swipe to sssslither your way to the right answer while avoiding hitting yourself, the walls or the wrong answer. Besssst of luck!!Try for free at Google Play:


Steer Beelly the bee through the green meadow without hitting anything. That sounds easy, right? Too easy. That’s why every now and then the steering changes, right become left, and left becomes right. Can YOUR brain handle the constant changes? Most people can’t...

Controls Game Graphics

The control for this games is simple, but you need to work on the graphics.
The graphics doesn't look as good as the game feels!

1 month ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve

I like this game!
But I don't feel that I want to keep playing it. It feels too repetitive.

The graphics and all are great.

1 week ago

Has the game been released yet?
It looks like it could be fun!

1 week ago
Game Graphics Controls

I loved the graphics! 8-bit is my favorite :-)
The game was fun!

I felt that it didn't always respond when I clicked, so I accidentally crashed into the branches sometimes. If you make it more responsive, I'll play more ;)

1 week ago

Thanks for the roast!
What color would you choose for the walls?
I used green because it's a green meadow. And in my opinion, those colors look great together :-)

6 days ago