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Radiant LUX

Radiant LUX is an abstract 2D shooter with gameplay based on colors :)Here is the basic concept: destroy enemies of a color, and you level up your attack/shot of that color. You also deal more damage to enemies if you match that shot to the enemy's color. You start out in the Red refraction, which spawns red enemies. However, occasionaly an enemy of a different color will appear. Kill that intruder, and a portal will spawn that leads to his refraction, which spawns enemies of that other color. That way you can get a new attack from that color and level it up. Also, after gathering a few levels in different colors, a boss will appear. These bosses are made of several, multi-colored parts. And, remembering you deal more damage hitting stuff with shots of the same color, you can make use of that to your advantage.Sounds neat? play the demo and ROAST IT :DAnd if you like it, PLEASE click on the link on the right for the Greenlight Page, and leave a YES vote. We need all the votes we can get, so this would be the BEST contribution <3

Level Design Game Graphics

I can't say I'm too fond of the graphics for the background/scenery. Felt very bland and generic, like the game is lacking art direction. The animations for the character were very well done, tho. And I liked the level design, which is a plus.

However, it's a generic game with nothing really to stand out. Maybe if combat was more fluid?

6 years ago

I Updated the build in the page,

wanna give it a try? :)

6 years ago

Hi! Thanks for roasting my game :)

From your roast, I'd wager you skipped the disclaimer text I put in when you start playing, hahahahahah :). I wrote (even did it colorful letters as to draw attention) that a tutorial is planned for the launch version, but for now I prepared a README file outlining the gameplay. I suppose I need something flashier for that...

As for the controller, that's funny, I was quite sure that I matched colors with the buttons. Will revise that and release a quick fix. Thanks for pointing it out!

As for the ship speed, yeah, so many tweaks went there already, and so many more will be made. Thanks for the pointer.

If you wanna follow the development, send in a vote and follow the game at the greenlight page at :)

Thanks a lot for your interest! ^^

6 years ago

It didn't? now that's odd. I'll take a look on it.

Also, I'm quite sure to have gotten rid of older builds, but... did your build feature a "press C for controls" message on the bottom of the screen?

5 years ago

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