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Madeira (Development Build 0.1)

Madeira is a linear 2D platformer that has been developed since 2016. This build of the game contains the general structure and design of the game. It has two zones and tutorial levels. I have decided to release this build of Madeira to see the reality of where my game is heading. Currently, Madeira is still an unfinished game. Your feedback will give my game the wake up call it needs if it requires one. Controls Move: Left/Right Jump: Space Hyper Fall: Down Hair Key: Shift Huracan Kick: A Wealth Slash: S Proto Robe: D Shield Wield: Z Fullscreen: F4Change Window Size: F3

Game Graphics Animation

The game's biggest problem is that it is not explicitly clear from the moment you begin that you have to click on the attack icons or use ZXCV to kill the incoming objects. I thought at the beginning that the game didn't work correctly. This game would be a novel bit of fun, but it can't achieve that because their is absolutely zero form of animations in any part of the game.

I also discovered that if the game is paused and the player uses the ZXCV keys while the game is paused, they can destroy the frozen incoming objects. This is an exploit that allows the player to cheese the game and should be fixed, because their is nothing stopping the player from using this exploit.

It's very clear that this game is in it's very early stages of development. It is in desperate need of music and animations effects, because the fundamental building blocks of a rhythm game are their. What is needed for the game to improve is variation in the speed of the incoming objects, destroying them needs to have impact and life in these actions with animation effects such as squish/squash, screen shake and music that is in sync with the actions on screen.

I hope for the best in this project.

2 years ago

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