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Zeran's Folly looks like a good game. However after watching the video and checking the changes/upcoming features I find myself asking the question, what makes this game worth my money?

There's already a thousand other games that do the same thing as you if not more, so I'm left wondering what your selling point is? From a consumer stand point, if I can't tell the reason why your game is better than the competitions from the trailer then I'm afraid you'll end up fading into the mix.

Best of luck with your game, it just looks standard from what I can see.

7 years ago

Personally I think this is an exceptionally cool idea. Slowly giving the player more of the world to see and interpret is a really awesome concept to build a game around.

Now I haven't played the game seeing as I'm on Mac right now, so I'll be going off of what's present on this webpage.

As I said above, really cool idea; you need more though. I think you're going to need one or two additional mechanics to really drive home the selling point for your game. They can be really small things that reflect the core statement of the game, but you need them.

I would really love to see a game like this succeed, so I wish you the best with it!

7 years ago

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