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A cheezy simple game. Hopefully fun. What flappy bird / swing copters would be like if it went down instead of horizontal. Any suggestions are appreciated, I definitly hope to finish it and I know its not perfect yet. Requires Java to play, made in LibGDXIMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IT:START BUTTON DOES NOT WORK! PRESS ENTER TO PLAY AND TO RESTART!Controlls (this information is NOT included in the game yet)Space/Click - fall fasterEnter - RestartHope you enjoy it :)


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the art is my top priority now that most of the game is working. This is my first pixel art project I've done and a lot of it just isn't finished yet. I'll try to animate things better too.

4 years ago

Other than the paracorn itself, yes they're all placeholders. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the new art will be done by the end of the month.

4 years ago

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