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Lost Ronin

Lost Ronin captures the struggle and journey of a Young Samurai; a musical platformer.Lost Ronin is designed to give you an intense and memorable experience. The game has 18 Handcrafted levels grouped into six worlds.Each world brings new gameplay mechanics and elements with unique sounds to enhance fun! Lost Ronin has built with depth in the mechanics.You can choose to finish a level fast or take your time to master it! HAPPY ROASTING!!!!

Mechanics Game Graphics

The game mechanics seems great. With graphics improvement like including characters with animations, expression when jump, smashed, dead may improve game feel.

2 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Game arts are nostalgic. Mechanics may use some variation.

2 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Nice mechanics. Liked the missile from enemy boss. Game graphics may use some polishing.

2 years ago

Loved the mechanics. Level design is good. Enemy bump on wall feels so awesome.

2 years ago
Game Graphics

Why! Why smashing those cute aliens? :'(

Nice arts. :)

2 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

Game graphics is great, though UI may use some work.

2 years ago

Yes. Animation is a know issue. Will be improving in very soon hopefully. Thanks for roasting. :)

2 years ago

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