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Airscrew Racing

A mix between racing and a shooter game. Airscrew racing is a cartoony blast for everybody! (ALPHA RELEASE) Race Combat: I wanted to create a wacky racing game with a focus on weapon use Control Weapons: Aim, steer, shoot, fly and detonate weapons while your plane races in autopilot Crafting Items: Get weapons automatically, NOT by hitting a box! Play Style: Think Diddy Kong Racing Multiplayer: Play with up to 4 friends locally 4 Player Tutorial Quickly highlights crafting concepts for new players

UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Simple concept, good starting point to learn how to develop games.

The first level is way too hard for somebody picking it up for the first time. Ideas to simplify for starters: blue boxes are only on the left hand side, there is no timer for the first level, Give a game over screen. You give players a reason to not start it up again if you crash the game.

Also had a weird bug where if hold one arrow then press another it locks the second one even after releasing the button.

2 years ago

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