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BAL Solid (BETA) - A Relaxing Ball Physic Puzzle Game

What's In the Game? 70 Fun and Challenging Levels Fully Implemented Achievements System Fully Implemented Save and Load system. (You will not lose your progress) Full SFX Relaxing BGM Cheats Your feedback and suggestion will be appreciated and useful for the game in development.   Game Description Help BAL to reach its destination in this Physics Puzzle journey in 70 levelsBAL Solid is Casual Physics puzzle. The Key to complete the puzzle is by knowing WHAT & WHEN.

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The colorful aspect of the application, I think good enough.
But, For the background color, which is mostly red, I think you need to Improve on that.
See color theory for more info, and choose color based on what kind of emotions you want to evoke.
Because kids mostly works based on the visuals.

The letter tiles tho, need more colorful and more eye catching color scheme.
And also because this is a child you are targeting.
Give them a great, animated visual cue when they do the right thing.
And don't give animation that is too punishing for the children.

6 days ago