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Gold Glory

Gold Glory is a puzzle web game that will drag you into the world of gold mining. You will become a hero who fights countless battles in a gold mine where every day brings new jobs and challenges. Fighting with other miners in the Arena will earn you the highest ranking place in the game. Cheeky Raider and Dying Zombie can't wait for your mistake during dangerous Missions in Mountain Peaks and Large Cave. But you can always buy gems and equip yourself in Morgenstern to beat them up! If you’re fed up, join mine community and take your job. Once you start, the gold fever will keep a close grip on you, pushing you forward the next levels.  

Game Graphics

I love the simplicity of this game. I like games that are simple with easy-to-understand rules, and quite gripping. But I have an impression that the music doesn't suit this game. This music suits more RPG game in my opinion. Of course, you can disagree with me ;)

4 years ago

Hello :) Thank you for your feedback. We'll work on the game to bring it to the perfection! This auto buy option is a good point - thanks for that!

3 years ago

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