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Play Against other players around the world ! Can you become the best driver !Join the battle , choose your drive and survive as long as possible !Develop your strategy, Blast your opponents, collect speed modifiers to maintain your speed !Try to survive in the battle as long as you can by taking down your opponents and stealing their fuel !Unlock new Cars with various skins !Complete various achievements to show off your skills !You think you are a survivor? Stay away from the fight,increase your Score, ladder up the Leaderboard !You a fighter? boost up your speed,finish off other opponents,take them down and rise up the Leaderboard !Suit your play style !Are you ready to join other drivers in the battle ?Download this awesome game and start flooring !

Mechanics Controls

Car controls are not very good . which can be improved into more drifty curve instead or instant rotation of the car

1 year ago

Thank you for the feedback. we have changed our tutorial system completely. Also added more than 40 cars to play with new achievements , with the new update coming in out this week you will see a nice change of gameplay where you would feel more in control. Do hang on to enjoy the ride

1 year ago

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