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One helluva day - Demo.

Need feedback about demo.One_helluva_day - DemoSelf-centered CEO trying to save his company from bankruptcy forced to rescuing whole town from impending disaster. Funny, old school cartoon point and click adventure in the style of "Lucas Arts" and In the tradition of "The day of tentacle". Inspired by games like "Sam and max hit the road" and "Secret of the monkey island". The game is filled, a little crazy tasks. Some of them can be solved in different ways. The plot tells about the - One unfortunate day of the life ordinary directors of a small firm, full of mysticism, conspiracies, cults and the end of the world. Funny and crazy and twisted storyline will make you remember the point and click adventure in which you play as a child. During the passage you will meet fun and interesting characters who amuse you and hint how to get some of the tasks.


Game for five minutes in the dark, where you need to fix the light.


Wow. Thank you very much for the detailed analysis.

7 years ago

Exit: A Biodelic Adventure