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ABOUT Blackness is an unique platformer game full of unexpected situations, beautifully designed places you can explore, and bad creatures that are waiting for you. Immerse yourself in this dark world, fight, and help Womd to come home.   Warning! This game is breathtaking!STORY There was a time when young Womd was living in a house with his family in a beautiful world. They all were good, happy, and powerful creatures. But... There was a night. It was dark like never before. All good creatures were blinded and sad. And for that reason Dr. Cog (crazy mechanic scientist) was able to enter to this world. He came from Blackness – the darkest of worlds... (read more in the game).CONTROLS Use arrows to move. Press [Spacebar] to jump. Press it twice to jump higher. Press [C] to use your primary weapon. Press [X] to turn on a shield. Press [Z] to use a shockwave.

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I love this graphics. It's great!

2 months ago

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