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Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

It looks like a pretty good game. As others have stated, the tutorial is lacking, giving someone a webpage with a ton of python info is not the right way to teach them. You should simply introduce them to things as they go along, instead of forcing them to refer to some documentation. hint() is good, but you should guide them a little by default.

The things you can and cannot access is confusing, and so is the checkbox with the green checkmark or the red x. It seems so trivial as to what it will block or not block. It would help if the reasoning as to why you can't access something is more clear.

I've gotten "stuck" on the second level with a drone. I don't understand the attributes. They don't persist across different functions, so I don't see how you can store a value in them, Because you need to initialize it in your program before using it, you can't have it persist across ticks other than it being always equal to the same thing. I tried this code, but it says that NewDroneProxy has no attribute direction.

def backandforth(self):
except NameError:
self.direction = false
if self.direction:
if self.direction != true:
self. move(0,-1)
if self.bumped:
self.direction = not self.direction

4 years ago

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