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Zombie Survival

Game i made as a solo project over the span of 9 weeks.Made all my assets, excluding the zombies and arms. tell me what you think!

Controls Mechanics

biggest issue is the game would crash each every level. as well as the "trap pathways' should be more clear if that makes sense

2 years ago

absoluitely awkfyulo was the waorst game ive ever played i canr undeertand why1!!111! ASLOS A 14 YEAROLD PEnis>?>?>>>>>?????

2 years ago
Mechanics Physics

physics defintely arent too bad. only real issue is the power of the grappling. an increase in the grapple would be perfect. i realise upgrading is part of it but make the starter grapple slightly more powerful.
The upforce on the grapple is quite decent. just an increase in the forward vector would top it off
feel like alot could be achheived with being able to freely just speed through the levels, each getting more difficult.

2 years ago

horror puzzle game