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Violet City 1.0

The dad of the player was killed treacherously when he was making a drug dealing deal. One of the player's friend told him his dad's best friend knows everything about his dad, and he must go to Violet Compound in Violet City to ask him about how his dad was killed. Then the player went there, and the game will be started with it, then his dad's best friend asked him to do some work. Then after finishing those work, he will tell him his dad was a drug dealer and he was killed when he was making a deal and then he will tell him about the killer.

Grand HD Highway

Can you drive in the mountains?So, prove that.

Toward Card

Toward Card V1 for Windows Initial (V1) Release date: February 22, 2019   Info:- Toward Card is a simple GUI card game that you can play with PC. There's three main cards: King, Queen & Flush: - King is the biggest card. - Queen is less than King. - Flush is less than Queen.   Requirements:-  - Windows 7 (+)  - Free Storage: 55MB  - .Net Framework 4 (+)


Great, i love this kind of games.
Keep it going.

3 years ago

Thank you for your comment and your interest to make the game better. The purpose of the expensive cars that make the enthusiasm for the game. The AI car isn't fast its like the last car (car #4). And again thank you for your interest to make the game better.

3 years ago

Hello, thank you for your comment and your interest to make Grand HD Highway better.
Thanks for your feedback.

3 years ago

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