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Strings of Ambivalence

Strings of Ambivalence combines the fast paced action of side-scrolling platformers with the intense decision making layer of role playing games. "Trine meets Dragon Age"The game is currently just past the concept stage, with robustly working platforming, combat, and dialogue systems.https://www.chasetailgames.comThere is no playable demo available at this time. I would like to receive honest and constructive feedback about:1) Game's Teaser Trailer2) Feel of the gameplay scenes in the trailer and screenshots3) Structure and aesthetics of the game web page.Every bit of feedback is very precious for our game development and helps provide us direction.Thank you for your valuable input.

Mechanics Game Graphics

Steven, this seems to be a pretty neat prototype, and reminded me of Battle Zone, one of my most favorite PC games, where you had to play in FPS and could get into futuristic vehicles, and either defend a base or carry a counter attack.

I have not seen the like of Battle Zone in a long while (since 1998!) so if this game was built to full potential, I do believe there could be a demand for that genre.

I can see that you have a full UI and menu system, which seems to be working pretty neat. I know that it is a prototype level, but without adding graphical content, it is hard to imagine the game within context. So I suggest you throw in some assets, even if free, to bring the game to the setting that you have in mind before you prototype further.

I say keep up the project.

7 months ago

Hello Falling Boy,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It has helped a lot.
We are looking into a remake of the voice-over with some more ambitious narrative.
Which part of the images in the trailer look slow: the cinematic scenes, or the gameplay scenes? How would you suggest to make it more dynamic (which scenes to take out?
I like the idea about having a carousel.

7 months ago

Thank you. I have added a carousel to the web page. I am looking into how the trailer can become more dynamic.

7 months ago

Here is the updated website with the carousel:

7 months ago

Thank you @xenogaming . Please let us know if there is anything you think we should improve on.

7 months ago

Thank you Mapes. We will be adding dialogue between the characters in future versions.

6 months ago

Strings of Ambivalence