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Kakuro Blend Demo

Kakuro Blend is exactly like the puzzle, Kakuro, but with colors instead of numbers. Each puzzle contains a grid with initially empty squares and colorful triangles. The goal is to fill the squares to the right or below the triangles, so they mix to create the color within their respective triangles. These puzzles are designed to be difficult, with some mixed colors looking exactly alike but having different answers. Kakuro Blend Demo includes 3 increasingly challenging levels, from 7×6 to 9x9 to 11×10, and 3 different color palettes that change up the game slightly so the player doesn’t get used to the same mixtures. Kakuro Blend is simple, colorful, and challenging. If you enjoy tough puzzles, this game will satisfy you for hours. The full version includes 40 levels, and comes out on March 15th, 2021. Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my emailing list on my website, both are in my profile. Add to wishlist on Steam. I would love to hear what you think of my game so feel free to contact me.

Level Design Controls

Really liked the simple mechanics. I had no idea what I was doing for a good 15 minutes. Some directions would have been cool. But I liked it.

3 weeks ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Story/Writing/Dialogue

I liked it a lot. Definetely forgot how to do simple math. Literally the only thing I would change is the screen size to fit within the webpage and the music. The music was kinda creepy, like I was in a horror movie and it did not fit the game.

3 weeks ago
Game Graphics Level Design

It gets very difficult very fast, but I liked playing. Maybe I am just stupid but that was a hard game. Very aesthetically pleasing too.

3 weeks ago

Idk if a math game has a specific music type, but maybe something more upbeat and more instrumental. Like something including piano would go great with it.

3 weeks ago

Kakuro Blend Demo